Meet the Artist: Ewa

Today we want to introduce one of our Artists – Ewa Kostyrko.


Ewa is an immigrant from Poland who has been working at Daprato Rigali for nearly 21 years.  She graduated from the Fine Art Academy in Krakow, Poland and has a Master’s Degree in Interior Design.  She got additional training 4 years of sculpture specialty 5 years of Paintings and Drawings.  1 year in Poznan, Poland.


She brings many years of expertise in multiple art mediums to our studio.  She has been the lead statue painter/restorer for the last 18 years and has brought countless statues, stations and figurines back to life.  She is also an expert at mural creation and conservation, with an amazing skill for drawing different animals.



Ewa working on a landscape:

All smiles following her restoration of some old Daprato Statues:

painting artist design studio

Thank you for all your great work for Daprato Rigali Studios Ewa!

We will continue our blog posts spotlighting other Daprato Rigali Artists and Employees in the future!

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