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Daprato Rigali Studios, est 1860, pontifical institute of christian art

World Class Quality

Daprato Rigali Studios has grown in the past century to include a wide and ever-expanding range of services. Our artists and craftsmen pay incredible attention to detail, able to deliver quality in a variety of styles and traditions on projects of every scale.

Project Management

Our full-service project management focuses on working with each individual community to ensure that your financial, liturgical and architectural needs are met and your unique vision is realized beyond your expectations.

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Daprato Rigali’s marble fabrication is unmatched. We have the ability to create custom marble works catered to your vision or restore antique pieces to their original beauty.

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Our studios provide both custom wood altars and furnishings, as well as restoration and refinishing of existing furnishings, floors, and pews.

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Daprato Rigali art glass renovation window

Stained Glass

Stained Glass Restoration, design and fabrication have been some of our specialties for decades.  Our stained glass windows have a life expectancy of more than 100 years.

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Known for their life-like beauty and unsurpassed artistic excellence, Daprato statues are treasured throughout the world. Our studios offer complete statuary repair and restoration as well as custom pieces.

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Painting, Decoration & Conservation

Uncover the original vision of your building! Daprato Rigali Studios provides custom design and decoration of unparalleled quality and workmanship.

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Daprato Rigali Studios offers restoration services for a variety of antique works of art, including statuary, stained glass restoration, marble, or wood. Let us renew your treasures to their original splendor.

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