Marble Fabrication, Alteration, and Restoration


Marble Fabrication, Alteration, and Restoration

Marble has been in use within worship spaces and ecclesiastical furnishings for many centuries due its durable, classic and aesthetic qualities. Daprato Rigali Studios has been creating and installing marble creations since the start of the 20th century. Many of our prized marble altars and furnishings can still be seen throughout North America and Europe, most prominently in many historic parishes in the United States. We specialize in various types of marble fabrication, alteration and restoration. Our Chicago-based marble studio allows us to cut and create marble pieces to suite various styles and architectural needs. We create custom altars, ambos, baptismal fonts, flooring and railings, as well as rework existing marble pieces into new designs. John Rigali is the senior director and head designer of newly formed and redesigned marble works, using thirty years of expertise in the field, as well as knowledge gained apprenticing under Master Stone Mason, Lucherino Lucherini.

Altars & Furnishings

Daprato Rigali altars & furnishings are custom designed and fabricated in studio. New designs will keep the standard and tradition of our forefathers while harmonizing with the architecture and style of the current church. Whether the altar is existing or starting from scratch, our marble team can design or redesign any piece to meet your expectations. We specialize in altars, reredos, ambos, Blessed Sacrament shrines and adoration chapels, as well as unique pieces designed to compliment existing furnishings.

Baptismal Fonts

Daprato Rigali Studios is at the forefront of design, fabrication, and system pack of baptismal fonts. We have the top waterproof liner in the country by hand fitting each liner to fit each newly designed font. We ensure that each parish maintenance department is equipped with the knowledge necessary to properly care for your fonts so that it remains in the best condition possible. Our designs include marble baptismal fonts as well as wood baptismal fonts that incorporate marble motifs.


Custom marble flooring creates an overall timeless and cohesive design for your sanctuary, nave, entryway, or chapels. Daprato Rigali Studios design, fabricate and install unique marble floors that accentuate and elevate altars and sanctuaries in many contemporary and traditional church interiors. We also ensure that each step is equipped with safety treads to avoid slipping with the slick surface of the marble.  Our treads are successfully incorporated with the design of the marble as to not diminish the classic look of the floors.

Marble Polishing & Restoration

Our experience of over a century in the marble industry has brought Daprato Rigali Studios to the forefront in marble restoration. Not only do we provide unmatched service in the care and restoration of one-of-a-kind marble pieces, we have also taken our expertise one step further by developing our own product in the natural diamond polishing of stones, as well as our own multi clean product that is a P.H. balanced neutral cleaner


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