Holy Angels Catholic Church


Built in the early 1950’s, Holy Angels Church is located approximately 1/4 mile west of downtown Aurora.  The existing 24,000 sf building is primarily masonry construction.  The church was remodeled in the late 1980’s in a contemporary style that stripped the building of most of it’s original character.

Daprato Rigali Studios was brought in to evaluate and renovate the entire interior space.  Construction was divided into two phases.  The first phase was primarily aesthetic in nature, returning the nave to a traditional design and extending the balcony.  Daprato Rigali re-oriented the church and installed entire new pews as well as a completely new sanctuary and furnishings.  Custom woodwork, stained glass window design and installation and complete painting were some of the other work that was performed in Phase I.

Phase II included an addition to the narthex which provided a much needed gathering space for the congregation.

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