Chicago Cultural Center (Chicago, IL)

Chicago Cultural Center - Grand Dome

Chicago, IL


We have undertaken many high-profile stained glass fabrication, restoration and installation jobs throughout the 160 years that we have been in business.  We are incredibly proud of this one in particular.  


Services Provided: Stained Glass Restoration & Project Management

Date Completed: March 2022


Daprato Rigali Studios was hired to undertake the massive project by the Chicago Cultural Center (78 E Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602, located directly in Chicago’s Central Business District (The Loop) and across from the tourist attraction ‘The Bean’).  A complete restoration of all of the stained glass panels and pieces at the Chicago Cultural Center’s Grand Dome was successfully accomplished.  

The massive 40-foot diameter stained-glass dome has a variety of different glass primarily consisting of shades of tan, beige, and ochre is now lighted electrically.


It is divided into 12 sections total,  which surround and support the central cupola.  It was originally illuminated by sunlight.


The stained-glass was originally made by Healy & Millet of Chicago.  It is held by cast-iron ribbing, manufactured by the Winslow Brothers of Chicago.  A floor inset with glass blocks originally provided natural light from the dome to the first floor below.


There are approximately 60,000 individual pieces of glass in an intricate Renaissance pattern.


Daprato Rigali worked in collaboration with renowned Stained Glass Consultant Julie SloanBerglund Construction and Gunny Harboe on this project.


The removal and extraction of the windows had to be done carefully to minimize damage to windows panes that had already been structurally compromised. 


The restoration process was performed entirely by Daprato Rigali Studios Employees at the company office located in Chicago, IL.  Restoration, storage and transportation solutions had to be customized because of the two compounding curves of the dome structure.  Meaning every panel has an angle of bend from both top to bottom and left to right.


Chicago Cultural Center Grand Dome - Chicago, IL


Daprato Rigali Studios has successfully managed and completed the largest stained glass projects (both restoration and fabrication) in the country and we would happy to offer our solutions to any other opportunities that may be in need of our expertise.  Contact us today to open up dialogue about how we can help deliver similarly spectacular results for you in the near future!


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