Daprato Rigali Store

Daprato Rigali Studios, est 1860, pontifical institute of christian art


Items for sale by Daprato Rigali  

Our studios has produced many great works of art and craftsmanship over the years, and continues to do so to this very day.  We make our art and our pieces BY HAND.  That is something that is exceedingly rare in today’s world of automation, robotics and outsourcing.  We also invite our clients to visit our studio whenever they choose, to check on the progress of their piece as it is constructed.

Whether you want to custom design a stained glass window for your home, or inquire about a mural or other art for a public space – WE WANT TO BRING OUR SKILLS AND ARTWORK TO YOU!

In the Daprato Rigali Store, we will have a vast assortment of items and art for sale.  Statues, stained glass, altars, custom marble pieces, and many other items we will have available.  Pictures will be added and removed as items are sold.  If you see anything you like, or would like us to produce a custom-designed piece, we will be happy to assist you in any need that you might have.

We have specialized a tri-fold stained glass piece that is a perfect gift for weddings, graduations and any other type of event or commemoration!  We can specialize the piece to include names, dates and locations.  See example pictures below.



Thoughts? Ideas? We want your feedback!  Thank you for your consideration of Daprato Rigali.